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Indah Machine was established in 1973. We are a large scale international trading enterprise with an extensive network of qualified manufacturers that we directly source from. Specializing in motors, alternators, and generators in Indonesia.

We always tested and verified our products before being shipped out. You’ll always be greeted by a real live, friendly voice whenever you call to our customer service. Our representatives will respond quickly and knowledgeably to your needs.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about any of our products. Thanks for visiting our website.

:: OFFICE HOUR: Monday - Friday (8AM-5PM), Saturday (8AM-4PM)

:: ADDRESS: 12 Mangkubumi Street, Medan - 20151, North Sumatra - Indonesia

:: TELEPHONE: (+62) 85348674326, (+62-61) 4142525

:: FAX: (+62-61) 4516403 CABLE: INDAH


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